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A journey of self-discovery and awareness


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Who thought shifting time could be so easy? In this piece, WE had psychologically and physically warped time-space reality and felt like a very small child. They felt it to the core of their being: feeling dumped in a city where they could see ‘normal’ people partying and couples in love—WE was left floundering needing a wheeler to keep them upright so they didn't fall over. The panic and puzzlement of what to do? How to fit in? How to run away? Where to hide? How to cope? Desperately trying to grasp the rope of an anchor, WE needed help in an adult world.

We have perhaps all felt this from time to time—starting a new school or job, perhaps going to university. For some of us, it may be when we meet with our family. We tend to fall back into the family dynamics that were formed when we were young. We behave in those same patterns and so our brain is travelling back in time firing old neurons that are so deeply wired.

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So if it’s so easy to go back in time, is it easy to go forward? Yes! Visualisations. Imagine what you want to accomplish and slowly build up the picture of the baby steps needed to get there. Keep going until you can see in your mind the end result. Now keep rehearsing this event in your mind, knowing with full conviction that it will come to fruition.

Athletes are now using this technique to visualise their performance to ensure they get the best possible result. Remember it’s our mind that creates our reality—so in the case of an athlete, using your mind alongside training gives you a double whammy of achievement.

WE wonders if anyone will ever look at the artwork and accompanying theories? However, with daily practice of visualising the completion of the project, finding the correct resources to ‘get it out there’, observing people looking and reading the pieces, then visualising a booklet to accompany the series, WE is helping the process along. They must believe in themselves and what they are trying to achieve.

Visualisation can be used for any goal. Remember how quickly we time travel to the past—now it's time to take advantage and use our consciousness to create the reality of our future.