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A journey of self-discovery and awareness

The Vortex

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For WE this image represented protecting their inner child—the child whose innocence had been lost. WE is trying to console it and give it a new reality of unconditional love. However, as we can see, WE is having difficulties with this: a crying toddler, trees with no roots and a fire, along with vast stark marks allowing no entry into WE’s vortex.

No matter where we are in life’s cycle, we are constantly progressing. However, this can be frowned upon in many cultures. Labels such as ’the troublesome teens’, a ‘mid-life crisis’ or ‘OAPs behaving badly’ certainly do not help. We need to ask ourselves, ‘how firmly rooted am I that what I am doing is because it is what I want’, along with questioning ‘is what I am doing bringing me happiness?’ Are the roots to your trees or desires strong and well developed, or do you constantly have to put out small fires in order to keep the peace with those whom you share your environment with? Can you put a fire blanket over the fire with the courage of your convictions and inspire others to do the same?

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When WE speaks of the vortex, they talk of infinite intelligence. We have magnetic fields in our organs and every cell in our bodies. We are immersed in the Earth’s magnetic field, along with the fields of the hearts of the people closest to us. Einstein understood this: “What we have called matter is energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

As we free our attention from matter, we perceive the intelligence innate in energy. Shifting the level of detached consciousness opens us up to the infinite possibilities contained in the non-local field of infinite intelligence. Spending time in this state allows us to create entirely different lives than are possible when we remain bound by the limitations of material thinking. (D. Church 2018). So are you swayed, without deep roots by what others think you should be doing by their material thinking or do you have courage with your convictions?

This gave WE many challenges as they used to ‘morph’ into whatever anyone wanted them to be. This came from very early mental conditioning. WE developed a practice: to meditate each day, putting themselves at the utmost, valuing that each individual is unique. No snowflake is the same; neither is a finger print. We were meant to be unique and individual with differing desires. Without differences, how would we ever know what we truly love in our lives and bow our heads in honour and thanks to those who have different preferences? For they have taught us a lot. They have taught us what we do not want, and that is invaluable. Through this daily practice WE discovered who they truly were and what they wanted to go hurtling into their vortex. Everything is energy. We are energy, and what we focus our thoughts upon creates an energetic charge. Try to think of yourself like a magnet: if you worry, then worry will bounce back at you. If you think of positive experiences they will bounce back also. That is the incredible universe we live in.

WE would like to focus on our inner child. From the chief executive to the factory worker, we all need time with our inner child. The childhood games we loved need to be engaged for us to feel happy and fulfilled, also enabling us to reach that detached consciousness which opens us up to infinite possibilities. It’s neither stupid nor infantile for it gives us joy. Joy makes for a happy mind and soul. For WE, that has always been a swing. The giddily feeling in their head and stomach whilst the swing got higher and higher. They imagined the swing could do a whole 360 degree rotation. Whether it’s playing in the park with your dog or climbing a tree, making at least a weekly date with your inner child and engaging your imagination works wonders. Life is too short and precious to take it seriously. And as the saying goes, no one gets out alive anyway. This is also a quick and easy way to jump into another reality, one that cannot fail to give you joy. We live on a plane of realities: it’s up to us which ones we choose and where we want to ‘hang out’ in. Detached consciousness lowers our cortisol levels, or stress responses so is imperative for our health and makes decision making easier so we can become grounded in knowing the truth that our souls desire.